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We hold inventions & patented products specialized in outdoor cooling with misting systems since 1995


Portamist reviews

The misting system from PortaMist is awesome! After seeing it in action last week at the national hardware show I can’t wait to buy one for my deck!

Nathan D. Romig

We just purchased our first Portamist. We live in Denver, CO where the weather has switched to summer. We received our product just in time for the holiday weekend full of BBQ's. We have been outside all weekend on our patio, where the temperature was 95°. With the Portamist, it felt more like 75°. I would recommend the Portamist to anyone who loves the outdoors.

Great product, Portamist!! Thank you!!!

Susan Pace

Love my Portable Misting system it was easy to set up and it cooled everything down quickly. Highly recommend it you can use it everywhere.

Christopher Swisher

Love my Porta Mist!! I got it up and running from out of the box in less than 5 minutes. Ready for Summer! Bring it on AZ!!

Geoff Dugan

I absolutely love my Porta mist! We have used it at outdoor functions like NASCAR and country thunder to keep us cool In the AZ heat. Now we are using it on our pontoon boat under the Bimini to keep the older folks cool. This was money well spent! Thank you guys!

Chris Buckley

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Father's Day Most Wanted Gift Free Raffle

Father's Day Most Wanted Gift Free Raffle

Free Father's day raffle! Valued at $300, enter to win an umbrella for a truck and a PortaMist.
What to Get Dad for Father’s Day this 2020 Year

What to Get Dad for Father’s Day this 2020 Year

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Sanitizing Cooling Equipment Arizona

Sanitizing Cooling Equipment Arizona

PortaMist has created fixed and portable sanitizing equipment, using patented technologies and EPA-registered solutions, providing disinfection for up to 90 days. Durable protection that kills and inhibits the growth of problem viruses including COVID -19, bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa, and other microorganisms that can inhabit many of the surfaces.