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High-Pressure Water Misters

“At PortaMist you can find professionalism, reliability, quality and best pricing you can get”. - Jason West President at PortaMist

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Mist Cooler Station by PortaMist

PortaMist engineers & designs advanced pumps, motors, and high-pressure cooling systems.  We hold inventions and patented products specialized in misting systems since 1995. Partnering with the largest misting companies in Arizona, we have developed misting units for every type of location, from fixed systems to portable misting.

Top of the Line Equipment and Hardware
PortaMist uses stainless steel lines made in the US. We use specialized nozzles, which ensures the consistency and flow of the misting plume.


These are outdoor cooling systems created by our engineers after years of testing many types of cooling systems. It can reduce your patio temperature by 20 to 30 degrees.




  1. Our units are the quietest systems on the market.
  2. We offer a 6-year warranty on our High-Pressure Units. Our licensed and bonded installers perform the seasonal Spring start-up and the Fall shut down. Our technicians are trained for months on misting installations, and are certified electrical and plumbing. 
  3. We also offer a lifetime warranty on our US-made stainless steel mist lines.  
  4. Ongoing Support & Maintenance 24/7 year-round We have a team who works throughout Arizona and can travel to you anywhere, to provide ongoing maintenance, support, and upgrades for all of our misting systems. We can also provide service, repairs, and re-engineering support for DIY (do-it-yourself) installed misting systems. 
  5. The “total pump technique” was created for both commercial and residential equipment. This technique includes special adaptations to give your system the maximum reliability and longevity: 
  • Pump revolutions per minute are lowered up to 50% while maintaining nozzle capacity.
  • Exiting high-pressure water goes through a “pulse eliminator”, which prevents shaking.
  • Only non-ferrous metal is used in the manufacturing process.
  • Timer Control
  • First-grade ceramic plunger

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