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Warranty, Service, Installation and Maintenance Terms

High Pressure Misting Systems for Industrial, Residential and Commercial 

Six year warranty on misting systems. Life time warranty on stainless steel lines. Nozzles and other wearable parts
are not included on warranty, a maintenance service is needed with a minimum of two times per year, start up and winterizing.
Any maintenance, service or repair must be done by an authorized installer, minor work may be done only by approved personnel
If systems are used for more than 200 hours per month they need maintenance according to the water quality.
Water quality must be approved by a certified installer contracted by the manufacturer to issue the six year warranty
Prices are Exworks. Installation price to be determined according to setup schedule. 

Maintenance services fees are determined on the amount of services that are required per year, a minimum of start up and shut down service must be recorded yearly to comply with the requirements for a 6 years warranty.