PortaMist Portable Misting System
PortaMist Portable Misting System - PortaMist

PortaMist Portable Misting System

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Portable Misting System now portable M-010-15

PortaMist is easy to carry portable misting system that can be set up anywhere in less than one minute, the tank holds 2 gallons of water, it is battery operated and the battery can charge two tanks with one charge. There is not another misting system like this in the world. 

You can connect the misting lines to tents, canopies, umbrellas, fans, at your workplace or any other outdoor structure. We offer the only product that allows you to cool outdoors without electrical outlets or a hose. 

This water mister was designed to be user-friendly for extreme comfort in every manner for the end user.

It comes with:

1- 2 Gallon tank 

6 - Misting Nozzle

Misting line

Clips to set up misitng line

12V Battery

Charger for batter

Misting Pump

Carry belt

Security Valve

Safety clips



Shipping box measurements 10.5 × 8.5 × 19.5 in, weight 9.5 lb

HS 8424.41.10