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5 things you need to know when adding misting

1. You need to picture where you want the mist and how is it going to work for your needs

    If you need to cool your patio at home or at your business, the first thing to do it picture how it will be set. If it is in your patio, measure the length and high, check if there are electronic items that will be near, how the mist will hit the people around. You can do either regular misting, extensions, or inverted. If you have a gazebo, perhaps you do not need the four side, if it is in a pool you may want it around to add a better effect. At a restaurant, you may want to add it on different part, perhaps on part without a structure. You can always take picture and send them over for consultation, the experts can help you decide on what will be best for you and will give you options. 

    1.	You need to picture where you want the mist and how is it going to work for your needs

    2. Electrical and water sources for a misting system installation

      Once you know where the area you are ready to improve, verify that you have the correct electric and water sources for a misting unit. If you do not have this already, you may check on your own and get quotes from your own plumbing company and electrician, or we work with an amazing plumbing company that has experience working in the valley for decades. Dugan Plumbing, the owner is not only a business partner but a close friend of ours. We collaborate with Dugan Plumbing and a few electricians who provide excellent services and prices. But it is up to you! You just want to make sure that you are not work with a company that is reselling you these services. A plumbing company that has experience in misting will give you options, you may want to take advantage on the work that needs to be done for the misting pump and run the plumbing you will need for the rest of your projects, such as BBQ area, pool, pressure washer, an extra hose, etc. By the way, ask us about adding a pressure washer tool to clean your patios as an accessory, or an aroma therapy dispenser, with the mosquitoes around, it is worth it!


      3. Measure the area you want to mist, whether it is at a gazebo, a patio, pool,  business or an event.

      You want to measure the area you want to cool; this will give you an idea of what the type of system you will need. You wouldn’t run a truck on a VW motor or put a candle to light a warehouse. You will need to tell the misting company approximately how small or big of an area you want to cool. This will also get you an idea of what type of pump you will need. Make sure that you do not get a quote with a pump that is a “one size fits all”, unfortunately, there are “DIY” systems used without doing the math on the hours and days your system will run. Worse, company without experience do not calculate the power they will need to run the number of nozzles that will be installed. This can either get your system to get people wet, run for a few months and then collapse, or barely cool the area you are already planning to enjoy. A system that is not built according to your needs, will work for one season, then without a good warranty, the next years will give you nothing but troubles.


       Measure the area you want to mist, whether it is at a gazebo, a patio, pool,  business or an event.

      4. Research on the misting companies around your area

      Once you have all these steps completed, you want to check on the misting companies in your area. Speak with them and ask questions, warranty is a huge deal! Ask if they have been in business for more than one year if they work with license and bonded plumbers and electrical partners. If they have engineering capabilities, where the pumps are built and what type of pump you will get. You want to know if they have several options for different markets or if they use a “one size fits all”. A good company will be able to get you an estimate, but a great company will be able to get you exact numbers after taking a consideration all the aspects above. We have an online tool that can help you get an estimate on what it will cost you to invest on your patio, once you have an idea and the budget, give us a call, we can schedule a free consultation.

      5. Schedule a quote

      When scheduling a quote, make sure you speak with a person who has experience, the right person will give you options, will help you design your misting areas, will evaluate the place, and will answer all your questions. You can get an estimate online, our experts will come and meet with you within a week.

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