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Another Successful Misting Story at a Beach Resort

Another Successful Misting Story at a Beach Resort, last September 21st, 2019 we installed another outdoor cooling misting system, we used extenders to reach under the bar structure by the pool and the quiets system you can think of. 

We monitored the temperature, which was 89°F at noon, 91° F at 3:45 p.m. and it went down at 89°F at 6:45 p.m. The Humidity was high during the morning starting at 70% at 12:30 a.m. and closing at 48% at 5:30 p.m. The winds were anywhere from 6.7 mph yo 8.7 mph, the results were once more amazing. Capturing mist on camera is almost impossible, the mist is so fine that the water droplets are almost invisible to the human eye, we were very lucky to have nice light at the resort and we were able to capture very nice misting photos. 

Since we started to work with misting, we have tried very hard not to edit photos, we sometimes have to crop them or resize them for our website and other internet platforms, but we take pride by saying that we do not use Photoshop on our photos to enhance them. In this case, the sunset light was perfect and it allowed us to see the mist perfectly at the bar where it was installed. The night views were spectacular, it didn't matter where you turned to, the views were absolutely gorgeous, the reach of the mist was incredible, we knew that the mist creates a cloud and that the coolness reached much more than the perimeter that it sprayed towards, however, were were able to take photos at night and see with the reflection of the pool how fast and how far the mist travels, allowing the area where it is installed to be expanded considerably. 

I happened to be there with my husband and a friend, I was able to take photos all day while they worked with the misting lines, the installation of the high pressure misting pump, and we were, of course, sunburned but I can say that the temperature didn't bother us because we kept cool with the mist even when I wasn't right under it. There were other people around who also noticed how cool it felt when we had the pump on and then how it felt when we were testing the nozzles and had to turn it off. Even the people who were serving were happy to have the mist, not to mention everyone who saw the effect at night were in awe by the marvelous views. This was such a great time and experience, I enjoyed very much working and having fun at the beach.

Now, not everything was 100% all planned, we had a small concern while we installed the pump, it was very close to the area where the people were working serving cocktails attending to the resort's guests, we thought that the pump would make noise and that may bother the customers, however, we were astounded to see that once we turned the pump, our engineers really outdid themselves with this custom pump, Chris and BJ, did a great job! Congratulations. When we asked them to be as quiet as possible, we never thought that the pump would be less noisy than a child, a crowd, loud music, and even a blinder. YES! we filmed the mist while it was operating and you may hear it yourself, the mist is running, the people are talking, kids are laughing, music is loud, suddenly you can hear the blinder but the pump, the pump was still quiet.  


So, if you are thinking of adding to your property, increasing revenue at your restaurant, bar, hotel or maybe just cooling a recreational vehicle for fun. Give us a call, I can tell you that you will not find a better service or better equipment elsewhere.

Did I mention that we offer a six-year warranty on our industrial high pressure misting pump?

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