Ciber Monday Best Offer 2017 – PortaMist

Ciber Monday Best Offer 2017

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Avoid mosquitoes, heat exhaustion, dust and bad aromas with PortaMist best offer so far, Ciber Monday Best Offer 2017. The unique portable tank that carries up to 2 gallons of water and lasts up to 1 hour of continuous cool mist. Whether you are at the beach, the balcony of your apartment, camping, playing golf, tailgating, working at an expo or out on the field, protect yourself and your loved ones with the best portable misting system you can get in the market!

  1. You will not need water supply or electrical outlet!
  2. Battery operated and it only uses 2 gallons of water
  3. Add organic essential oils and protect yourself from mosquitoes or bad aromas
  4. Dust or too much pollution, PortaMist can help!

Look for the reviews of the product and be another PortaMist fanatic! 

Use the code CIBERMONDAY2017FB to save $90 of the retail price, hurry while supplies last!


Ciber Monday Best Offer 2017