Cooling Station at Work- Luxury or Necessity? – PortaMist

Cooling Station at Work- Luxury or Necessity?

Last month we were at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas Nevada, with over a dozen PortaMist units. We received a call from the organizers because they needed portable misting units to cover the outdoor area located in front of the Convention Center.

Why our units? Because our units were meant to be truly portable and easy to setup, we were able to setup booths in less than 5 minutes and our unique misting system operates without a water hose or electrical plug attached, which allows them to be set anywhere you want.

PortaMist comes with clips that can be used to set the misting lines on tents, for this occasion we used zip ties to secure the lines and point the nozzles towards the right angles according to the wind, to maximize the mist and reach a bigger area. We set up units throughout the whole place and helped booth owners during the three ten-hour days while the show ran, and of course during the Tailgate, Backyard & BBQ party. The units were a huge hit!

On Wednesday May 9th, 2018, Las Vegas Valley witnessed the record-breaking heat of 105 degrees, crushing the 2001's set record of 100 degrees. "It was like selling camels in the desert" said Ramon West, who kindly managed to successfully handle the operations from May 7th to May 11th, 2018 at the #NHS2018. While supervising the units' performance, the team walked with a PortaSpray in a cart, the people around felt the mist and turned their heads to see what had hit them, they were first surprised to feel the coolness, but once they realized that it was mist they would spread their arms and ask for more. I have to be honest and confess that in the 10 years of experience that I have, doing trade shows in Mexico, USA, Canada, Germany & Greece, I would have never thought about walking around a trade show using the product as a "display technique", but it was a success, it was a matter of surviving the week & trying to accomplish the job, we wanted to stay cool. Not for luxury but because we needed to, more than a marketing technique we know now that a cooling station is definitely something that every human needs when working outdoors. We are not the only ones who think so either, we met with DLD Shades Solutions who also have seen the need for shade and cooling in order for people to work outdoors, and just like Peanut Butter and Jelly, we now have Shade and Misting.

Stay tuned for the new package of Shade and Misting that we are preparing for you, because no one should be put to work outside without protection. Our respect to those who have, for many years! Whether you are in construction, doing outdoor events, a vendor at a farmer's market, a farmer, or in the army. Heck, even if you are a child playing outdoors, you should be introduced to this amazing product.

"Just as you wouldn't go to Alaska or NY without a sweater, you need to have shade and misting when you are in a hot weather". -A.K. West