Event Product Presentation Misting Mexico – PortaMist

Event Product Presentation Misting Mexico

A few weeks ago, on August 31st, 2019, we presented high-pressure and portable misting products in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico. 


Presentacionde productos de nebulizacion Mexico Ing. Angel de la Puerta Berenice Curro Jason West

We had systems installed on shaded chairs, the restaurant's patio, golf carts, and even on the back of a truck. We showed our guest how easy it was to set up the lines on any item, at any place, and how much difference it makes to have mist under the sun.

Misting for beach Portamist


Las Palomas carros de golf con climatizacion de exteriores

Angel de la Puerta, Distributor & Sales Director in Mexico, and Jason West, inventor and patent holder of PortaMist, showed to our guests the high-pressure misting system that was installed back on July 6th, 2019, at the Puesta del Sol Restaurant Bar. "The Iceberg" was manufactured in Arizona with the help of our business partners from MistAir, the unit has been running at Puesta del Sol, for the last 8 weeks, nonstop for at least 8 hours per day. The installation was done by Dugan Plumbing, Geoff Dugan installed portable lines to do the testing and will be installing the Stainless Steel lines within the next couple of weeks to have the system install for good, with a six-year warranty.

Angel de la Puerta y Jason West presentando producto nebulizacion

Everyone at the place was able to experience the coolness of the mist. We were honored to have a great audience, we had some food, drinks and even a raffle. 

Presentacion de productos de nebulizacion en Mexico botana

We immediately received calls from hotel and restaurant's owners, we headed up to work that same weekend and we did several quotes. Our team is expecting to start installing units this fall on more hotels, restaurants and beach homes.

Portable misting for beach PortaMist

A great success for the misting industry! We were able to test our units at the beach and they worked great. - Jason West president at PortaMist

For more information or to schedule a quote in Mexico please send us an email to ventas@portamist.com.mx or call 638 110 1468