Great American Golf with Ray Adams featuring PortaMist

Great American Golf with Ray Adams featuring PortaMist

Ray Adams from Great American Golf interviews Jason West from PortaMist, the new outdoor cooling system that works great for golf carts.


Okay thank you very much that here they are I want to introduce Jason Wes who's president of the Portamist as well as Bernice Curro who is the Marketing Director they're both with us tonight this is one of this is a great product and this is a locally invented locally manufactured locally promoted product this is not a PG product this is something that will keep you cool anywhere it's the port of this product and I want to welcome Jason and Bernice to the show tonight welcome both of you hi well this is a new product and you've been working on this I'll start with you Jason you've been working on this as inventor and and heading up the company now for quite a while and this is a product that I've known about as you know I mean I promoted it quite a while back as you continue to improve it and make this product better and better over the last couple years boredom is is a product that is a product that will allow you to extend your season golf camping boating you name it you can extend your season tell me about how you came about this idea what brought this on what is the port of miss to for folks well first you know the weather is pretty extreme key so handful years back my brother yeah on the beach and we're Sir Thomas t-shirt oh nice it's just one that we started to talk a little bit more you know put our heads together and got home later that he mean and started working on Brittany yeah quarter one missing then what from there we went you know Elmer and have them everything put it in place with patents and from there stepped in a manufacturing engineering manufacturing and here we are today.

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