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Moving to Arizona

Welcome to Arizona, if you moved to AZ recently you probably must be thinking WHAT A GREAT PLACE! and you are correct. Here are some tips to make your home and outdoor life more pleasant.

Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Queen Creek, Buckeye, Glendale, Avondale, etc. Arizona outdoors are the best, no matter where you are, when you look at the sunsets, you know you live in the best place on earth. All the way until the temperatures start kicking! Good news is you are 5 hours from the snow and 5 hours away from the beach. Now that I think about it, you are 5 hours close to almost everything cool, Vegas, Grand Canyon, Rocky Point, etc.

Arizona Falls and Winters are snow free, at least in the Phoenix area, it gets cold but nothing an outdoor heater and a jacket won't solve. Fall is the perfect time to BBQ, camp, and enjoy to the max the outdoors.

Arizona Spring and Summer are also amazing, summer nights are just my favorite, you can swim all night long and the water is just perfect. We have long days and people seem to be happy in general, except when it gets too hot and people do not have a working AC or a good misting to control outdoor temperatures.

What you need to know to survive in Arizona


Thanks to technology, no one has to memorize the names of the streets, I remember when I first moved here, didn't remember the names and I was lost. Try taking a quick look on map and check what cities are near you, always put the city because the address can be the same in Phoenix and Tempe.

Arizona phoenix area map


No matter what season it is, have ready some allergy pills. Note, did you know if you have a misting it helps reduce allergies?

Arizona allergies and how to control them

Weather protection

Carry with a sweater, sun glasses and a hat. Lately, you need an umbrella too. We can have all the season in one day.


Have a water bottle with you at all times, your skin, hair and lips will be dry if you don't hydrate well. At home, try water jugs by the dozen, most cities recycle if you use bottle water, consider recycling plastic containers. We value water very much in AZ, as hard as it is, water is vital in the desert. Ask us for water treatment solutions we know about the subject

water treatment solutions

Outdoor living

Most people with COVID are indoors most of the time, but you aren't getting the benefits of the sun rays if you stay in, also it is depressing to stay home all the time. If you want to go out now is the time. You may also get ready for camping, hiking, sports, and other outdoor activities if you have a PortaMist to take with.



Whether you have a restaurant or at home a nice patio, you will need misting as a must! there is no other way to enjoy the outdoors. We can help with a custom system designed specially for your needs and budget. In that subject, we are your friends in the outdoor cooling business. We also have been working with partners on Pavers, BBQ, Gazebos, and canopies. Call us, no cost for sharing what we know, if we can't help we can refer you to one of our friends.


If you aren't in, you are out! Golf is a huge deal here, I think everyone at least has done the driving range. Try getting some clubs and enjoy a day at any of the awesome Golf courses in Arizona.

Last but not least, ENJOY THE FOOD!

In Arizona there is diversity, great food, I mean American, Mexican, Middle East, Chinese, Korea, Vietnamés, Salvadorian, seriously there is some amazing places to eat here. So enjoy your favorite restaurant and join the happy people from Arizona.