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Outdoor Cooling To Go

During the last couple of decades, the weather has been changing and we now need products more than ever to protect us from the hot temperatures.

We avoid the outdoors because we can't keep up with three-digit temperatures.

In Arizona, several companies have worked hard to develop Misting Systems that can help people, animals, and all those who need a little help to survive the heat.

MistOut launched the unique portable cooling system that works without having to sweat. Yes! you do not have to sweat by pumping or setting up complicated products. When you use a PortaMist, you know you will have a cooling station in a matter of minutes, whether you are at the golf course, at your children's practice, in a boat, hiking, camping or simply working outdoors.

An easy to setup portable misting system can be used for more than one industry. You can now take a PortaMist with you anywhere you go, at any activity that you can imagine while you are outdoors.

Our family who invented the PortaMist, has been using it while camping, working outside doing the yard, and even in our last vacation at a luxury resort.

We invite you to join us and enjoy the outdoors by using a PortaMist.

We realize that children need to be outside to develop skills they will not have if they just stay indoors.

Check out what was said on TV about our products. Why not get your own portable misting system this summer while we are giving $50 off the retail price? A fixed system can cost up to $5000 dollars and most companies do not warranty their products for more than one year. Once you see the difference you will want to have not one but a couple of units near you anywhere you go.



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Questions? email sales@mistoutinc.com or call 602 463 0907