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Sanitizing Gyms Arizona

Judges rules in favor of gyms and fitness centers in Arizona, the next step is to reopen, but what do we want to look for when we go back to the gym?

As users we, of course, need to keep the recommendations from the CDC, wear a mask, keep your distance, but with all the news of toxic sanitizing products, how can we be sure that when we touch the equipment, the solution will not harm us?

We recently went to an establishment where they were disinfecting with bleach, because that was the most inexpensive way to do it, however, the chairs were rusting and the wood was losing its color, the odor was strong too. So, how can Gym owners sanitize the equipment and keep the equipment from deteriorating and at the same time, keep their customers safe?

PortaMist has the perfect solution, we have EPA non-toxic solutions that are safe to humans, pets and surfaces, these solutions clean,  deodorize, reduces dust mite and allergens, kills mold, mildew, bacteria, and most important viruses. These solutions are sprayed with our patented equipment and misting systems manufactured here in Arizona. Some of our solutions are made for human and they last up to 6 hrs, and some for surfaces and those last up to 90 days.

Our 6-hour solution is gentle on skin, tough on germs. Get a free sample, email your name and phone number to arrange the shipping or drop by. Free if you live in the Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler or Scottsdale area.

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