Spring Nationals U.S. Masters Swimming Event – PortaMist

Spring Nationals U.S. Masters Swimming Event

Mesa, AZ is hosting the 2019 Nationals U.S. Masters Swimming Event at the Kino Acuatic Center.  With visitors from all over the country, we received calls from people asking about PortaMist, we were able to deliver at no charge since we are so close, and we are hosting a cooling station at the event. It is only 10:30 am and people walking around can't help but to stop by and feel the breeze and coolness from the misting systems. Even when everyone is mostly in the pool and wet, the sun is already doing some damage, specially to those who are not used to our climate. 

We are happy to run a special for the event, rent units and provide a much needed service.

If you are here, stop by to say hi and have a good time under the mist.