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The Phoenix Metro Area Will Experience Hot Temperatures

When it's above 100° it's important to:

Stay cool.

Stay hydrated.

Stay informed.

The Phoenix Metro area will experience hot temperatures with high to very high heat risk. Heat-related illness will be possible to those sensitive to the heat such as the elderly and homeless, individuals spending time outdoors, and those without effective cooling and/or adequate hydration. 

Heat related illness and deaths are preventable. Review these tips to stay safe during extreme heat! 

​Do you know what triggers an excessive heat warning? AnExcessive Heat Warning is issued by the National We​ather Service when there is a High or Very High Heat Risk.  During periods of excessive heat, it's best to remain indoors. Should you find yourself outside in the elements, here's how to protect yourself:

  • When possible, utilize indoor facilities that accommodate physical activity
  • Plan outdoor activities for the coolest times of the day
  • Limit and reduce duration of outdoor activity 
  • Take frequent breaks
  • Provide drinking water before, during, and after the activity 
  • Drink more water than usual. Avoid drinks with sugar, alcohol and caffeine
  • Pace physical activity
  • Plan for cool-down recovery time in the shade if possible following an outdoor activity
  • Wear light colored clothing, wide-brimmed hats


If you are outdoors, know the signs of heat exhaustion. Are you feeling faint or dizzy? Are you pale or is your skin clammy? See the warning signs below. 


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Cooling Stations

Heat Relief Network logoDuring the summer, staying hydrated and cool is vital!​

The "Heat Relief Network" offers free water and indoor locations to cool off. Download a map of cooling locations (PDF) that are BOTH hydration stations and cooling refuge locations for anyone needing to get out of the heat. Or share and embed the interactive locations map below.


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