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We make your outdoor living cool, safe and comfortable

Tired of COVID?

Do you know misting can cool up to 30 degrees?

We found this little gadget that measures temperatures and wind, a pretty cool little thing. We were playing with it at Rocky Point while doing a demo at a resort, we were able to see that even at the beach, outdoors were cooler, when there was mist around. We thought it was due to the wind, but when we came back home and were doing a bbq in our backyard, in Mesa, AZ, we tried it again and the results were amazing, even without wind.

We went from 108 degrees F to 80.7 in less than 5 minutes!

At the resort, while testing the misting lines at the palapa, we were able to stay outdoor under the sun, all day! From morning to sunset as you may see in the photo.

This year, I cannot wait to expand the rest of the backyard and add more misting zones. Even our dogs were happy to be under a cooler weather.

I do not know about you, but working from home and homeschooling (online learning), has been very boring and it is time to expand our home areas.

I cannot wait to be able to have outdoor Webex meetings, send the kids outside to play, and of course, have a better year than the last one!