What to Get Dad for Father’s Day this 2020 Year – PortaMist

What to Get Dad for Father’s Day this 2020 Year

Does your Dad work in construction, landscaping, or any other outdoor jobs?


Hook him up with a portable mister that can be attached to almost anything including these handy umbrellas that can be hooked to the hitch of their truck! 



Does he enjoy golfing?


Get that mister to hook up to his golf cart and keep him cool for the days it feels too hot to have fun! 


Does he miss sports outings?


Remind him you care and have a day outside watching a game,  keeping cool with PortaMist and eating hotdogs along with your favorite game snacks!


With Covid, it may seem impossible to go out and enjoy a day outdoors amongst friends and family, but no matter where you are, PortaMist will keep you cool and lighten the mood, because we know the heat induced anger is real!

Stay Cool!


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