Arizona Prepares For Summer 2021 – PortaMist

Arizona Prepares For Summer 2021

Mist has so many different applications. At PortaMist, it is our mission to explore each one and bring forward new avenues of comfort, mobility, flexibility, and protection. 

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Comfort with Fixed Mist Systems



While many of us were stuck at home for extended periods, we received a lot of interest in our home stationary systems. With a six-year guarantee, a licensed and bonded team, and the best equipment on the market, it's no wonder why our systems are such a hit. We saw a lot of home improvement projects and we were happy to provide our services in the name of outdoor comfort.

In addition to heat relief, mist also provides comfort from flies and mosquitoes, so you can enjoy the outdoors in total comfort. Mist creates a protective canvas that's difficult for insects to penetrate. The mist particles are small enough to evaporate without saturating us, but just big enough to disrupt insects mid-flight. The water particles destabilize insects, making it impossible to fly through the mist. You can also add essential oils, such as Lemon Eucalyptus or Lavender, as natural insect repellents or for aroma therapy. 

Our systems are each custom made to suit your individual needs. This helps you get exactly what you need without overspending on unnecessary material upfront or utilities down the road.

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Mobility with PortaMist

With more time off, our clients wanted to spend more time outdoors and in nature. Our flagship portable units were the best solution, providing true mobility. Our PortaMist and PortaSpray (see below in Protection with PortaSpray) units are battery operated with an internal pressure regulator, a 2 gallon water tank, and quick connect flex-line, making them fully portable and hands free. Perfect for camping, golfing, boating, picnicking, gardening, and other outdoor activities! 

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Flexibility with Commercial Financing

Local businesses were recently forced to try new and innovative ways to stay afloat. Our mist allows business owners to leverage all of their available space to follow social distancing guides without sacrificing capacity. This flexibility is further explored by our area control systems, giving business owners control of what section of mist can be on or off, depending on the circumstance. 

Mist is usually seen as a luxury item, but with our commercial financing partners, we can turn that luxury into a profitable investment! Our mist systems are proven to boost business performance in walk-in shops, restaurants, and bars. Patrons can shop, eat, or drink longer because they're more comfortable. With social distancing regulations, it's vital to expand business operations outdoors, giving your clients space, comfort, and peace of mind.

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Protection with PortaSpray


We've seen how mist can thwart those pesky insects (above in Comfort with Fixed Mist Systems) but we can take that protection a step further with PortaSpray.

Our patented PortaSpray systems work perfectly for cleaning, gardening, insecticide, and sanitation. Our systems offer protection from insects, bacteria, mold, fungi, and viruses. 

We also offer BioProtect, a water-based, anti-microbial, spray solution that protects surfaces from bacteria, mold, fungus, and viruses for up to 90 days. Our battery-operated PortaSpray units are ready for the job. With a 2 gallon tank, an adjustable spray nozzle, and internal pressure regulator, our sprayer units are as hands-free as they get. 

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